The art of Paul Gerrard




"if you can imagine taking the nightmares of Giger and the dystopian scope of Beksinski one step further , then you can imagine the work of Paul Gerrard"


Jonathan Liebesman : Film Director










A career spanning over 15 years, as an art director and concept artist for the entertainment industry . Working on some of hollywoods largest movies with success in games/film and exhibitions worldwide. Most noted for pitch work , selling a project / movie pitch via striking 'out of the box' designs. Getting that illusive green light. Then furthermore creating stunning, provocative concept art through to preproduction and beyond.

Paul Gerrard is an architect of the world’s end…he has made the blueprints for our destruction, and he visualizes the demise of humanity. His subjects materialize out of shivering mists, grow out of ancient trees, and descend from tempestuous skies. You can hear the creak and crack of dry bark as his tree spirits emerge from their solitary existence. His work can be both terrifying and darkly beautiful, portrayals of what we fear in the dark, and its’ haunting, lovely loneliness.


CVLT Nation














IDEAS IDEAS IDEAS . I do not spend weeks creating lavish illustrations to pass off as concept art. 

Nor do I spend weeks creating intricate 3d models only to do a paint over and pass it off as a rough. My art is about IDEAS, workable 2d illustrations created at break neck speeds, in days/hours, 

in order to explore and experiment with IDEAS.